Ivancea in Pictures

This is my new friend, Adrian. He is so sweet and helped make almost every bed our team brought to Ivancea. He might come home with me in my suitcase…

This is my friend, Victor, and his friend, Anna. Lynnette and I are playing matchmaker here…

These kids were just too cute to not share with you. 🙂 They came to arts and crafts today and made one of everything. I’m not sure if they’re brother and sister, but it looks highly possible…. So sweet…

“Crafts Choas” was a HIT at the orphanage. The kids loved it! They really got into decorating their journals – a place for them to write these big dreams they’ll be dreaming and prayers they’ll be praying in their beautiful, comfortable new Sweet Sleep beds.

The children made fields of these tissue paper flowers – the recipients? Their teachers who work so hard every day to teach them.

This is Lucia, Sweet Sleep’s Program Manager in Moldova. She arranged our trip to these kiddos and made sure all the many parts of the beds arrived. 🙂 She is here with some of the girls that she worked alongside to make their beds.

These sweet boys LOVE their new beds and loved the notes that the children from Lubbock, Texas wrote to give them when they received their new beds. They loved the notes so much they wouldn’t put them down!

This is just a taste of the sugar and toys about to arrive at Ivancea tomorrow at the biggest (and likely ONLY) birthday party these kids have ever attended. Don’t worry, their getting toothbrushes, too. 🙂

There are so many things to share about our time in Ivancea but I wanted to give you a snapshot. Literally. 🙂 We’ll have much more to share tomorrow I’m sure. 🙂 Thanks again for praying for us. We pray that tonight you, along with our new friends in Ivancea, sleep sweetly.

2 Comments on “Ivancea in Pictures”

  1. emily

    no more kids. you already brought home one in your suitcase. and we are out of bedrooms. just kidding.

    i LOVE your photos! you are getting very good at this. just one more skill to your already full toolbox.

    love you, love you…and i love the love in your heart for these kiddos.

  2. Jen Gash

    Oh my stars! one of the only things I can think of is how in the world long did it take you to get blogger to put up all these pictures!!!???!!! whatever it was, i love them! 🙂

    i feel like i’m going to be at the birthday party tomorrow….love and hug a bunch of kids and make them laugh for me. 🙂 i’m going to be thinking about you all afternoon (moldova afternoon, that is!).

    thanks for putting those pictures and sweet captions up.

    hope YOU are sleeping sweetly!

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