Jen, April and Beth Safely in Gulu!

Well friends… Sweet Sleep has come to Gulu!
 Jen, April and Beth just arrived with a bus full of mats, blankets, mosquito nets! The kids danced, thanked the ladies for coming and are SO excited their mattresses arrive tomorrow and they’ll get their new Sweet Sleep beds. This boy stood up from the crowd and told Jen and friends: “Thank you for answering our prayers for beds!”
More to come! Just wanted you to get a glimpse of Sweet Sleep arriving in Gulu! 🙂 Thanks for praying and giving to make this special Christmas possible for these sweet boys and girls in Gulu!
We are also still accepting donations for beds for Gulu! Let’s see how many beds we can get these kids before Christmas! You can help now at

One Comment on “Jen, April and Beth Safely in Gulu!”

  1. Anonymous

    So happy to hear and SEE that you girls are in Gulu Safely with anxious smiles awaiting you! I’m sorry my goal (2nd one) has not been reached. I’m still trying!!! Keep praying and hoping. You are all in my heart and prayers! Give April a hug for me! Hugs to you all!
    Love, Lynda

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