Joyful is my word for the first day. I really did not know how I would react to the sights, sounds, smells of this world and the children for which this is their reality. But today was joyful. We started off the day meeting our children for church. I cannot fully describe how wonderful it is to sit in church (even for the two hours that it was) and listen to a packed house of people speaking a language I do not understand praise the same God I know. The singing was beautiful. It was truely joyful.

After church we took all the children to McDonald’s for lunch. Petrica had never been and it was fun to watch him eat most of his icecream before his meal. We then walked around the outdoor art market. Petrica is such a sweet and shy boy that he will hardly tell us what he needs or likes. While in the market he was fascinated with a man playing a wooden flute. He just kept turning to watch him. It was joyful to hear Petrica play the flute we purchased. While in the shops he finally told us he needed a cap. Here you have to look in every stall to try to find what you need. We finally found one for him and although he was hesitant, we finally convinced him to pick one himself.

After a short trip back to the team house, we met up with the children back at the school. We had movie and pizza night. There were about 80 kids there tonight and you would not believe how quiet the lunch room was during dinner. Anyone who has visited their kids lunchroom lately would have been amazed.

After a wonderful day together, it was time to load up the van to come back to the house. When I got in the van, Petrica kept coming to the window and holding his hand up to the glass and smiling that Petrica smile that just melts me. A great end to a great day.

When Stuart first came home this summer he said he did not know if I could come because I would just cry. While I am not promising that I won’t cry for months and months after coming home, here I am joyful to have this time with these amazing kids. In their eyes you can see joy and hope, and you can see that they are making the best out of what life has handed them. I am so blessed to get to share a small part of their life.


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