Joys of Serving in the Third World

Hello friends! Thanks for following our team currently serving in Straseni, Moldova. Currently, there is an internet outage in the area of Chisinau where our team is staying. The area is called Posta Vechi meaning Old Post. It’s old, and thus power, internet, and other utilities occaisonally have outages. 🙂 Unfortuately, there is an internet outage tonight.

So, while our team is preparing for their day tomorrow and enjoying being with God and being disconnected from the world, we have to wait for an update. 🙂 The team is “blogging” and saving their thoughts on the computer so when internet is available again, they can send their thoughts from their 2nd day of ministry in Straseni. Please continue to pray for the team as they prepare for their work in the orphanage tomorrow and we’ll update you, or the team will update us all, just as soon as possible.

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