Kampala Scrapbook

If you have been following what’s been going on at Sweet Sleep, you may know that we have had a team in Kampala, Uganda over the past ten days!  With the team home safe and sound back in the states, what better way to celebrate the time the Lord used them in Kampala than glimpse into their time spent there?!

A trip begins with anticipation, joy, maybe even a tad bit of fear, but the end as you will see is hope; hope amongst those children that have most graciously received a bed to lay their head on each night from now on; hope that they have a purpose in their life; and hope that someone loves them and knows them by name. Hope dwells in the team members as they return with new eyes, new ears, and a burdened heart by those sweet ones.  The burden is great, but our God is greater, and he is faithful.

Praise Him for a wonderful team of willing spirits to go and serve His people! Enjoy these pictures, and maybe this will spark an interest in you to look into joining us on a Sweet Sleep journey!

  A nice, warm welcome from these sweet ones!

Enjoying some coloring 🙂
Bible lessons lead by the team members.

 The bed frames waiting for their mattresses and sweet little ones to claim them as their own!

 Waiting in line for their beds!!

Life saving mosquito net-Check
What more do we need?
What a difference a bed can make, even in the smiling and grateful face of a child!
Every Sweet Sleep journey ends in a birthday party to celebrate each child and acknowledge that they were created for a purpose and deserve a celebration of their life!


The kings for the day and their heart shaped pillows 🙂

 Thankful to celebrate these past 10 days of bed distribution, but most importantly thankful for our Lord and savior that ensures us an eternity spent with Him.  This place is temporary, and we are called to love and serve one another, and in this case make sure that these children can have a bed to call their very own!
If you are interested in getting involved, whether taking a mission journey, starting a program with your youth, how you can be praying, etc. please visit us and bring any questions with you!

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