Kim Cox here…Photo, Photo, Photo

God is everywhere. Even in the most remote parts of the world, if you open your eyes you can see God at work around you. In fact, maybe it is easier to see God at work around us here in Moldova because we are not distracted by all that normally consumes us. I see God at work in the lives of the team members, but especially in the lives of the children. You can see the joy enter their eyes as we open our hearts and allow God’s love to pour through. Maybe I can see it more, because I can see a change in the faces as I photograph the children each day. The early part of the week, the faces were withdrawn…hard to get a smile and now, they cannot stop smiling when I point the camera at them. In fact, today all I heard as I walked around was…”photo, photo”. And that will be my memory of Moldova…”photo, photo, photo”….and recall the beutiful faces of God at work.

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  1. David Millsap

    Loved your post. I know exactly what you mean. Can’t wait to get Moldova and see God at work. See you in Budapest on Sunday! You and the rest of the team are in my thoughts and prayers.


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