Last night in my comfort zone

Last night on American soil. Last night in my comfy bed. Last night in my comfort zone.
Tormorrow a new journey begins. Tomorrow begins a new way of viewing the world outside my selfish comfort zone. I pray on my last night in my comfort zone, I leave my foolish pride behind. I pray I am guided, I am lead, I am used to reach someone.

My prayer is for God to grant me or work His wisdom through me…So that after I’ve left Moldova and those children lay their heads down in a clean, comfy bed, they think of and thank God…We will be long gone, the beds remain. Lets pray the beds remind them they have a Father that does love them! …I want, need no glory. I want somehow to reach those kids and give them something they have little of…and much more valuable than a bed. I want to leave them hope.

I cant wait to sweat in Moldova!

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  1. Katie

    Praying for y’all as you continue on your flight(s) this evening/night. My flight went fine this afternoon. Thanks for letting me hang out with you till you all left. Hope the layovers and flights continue to go smoothly, and that you’re able to rest up. You are all in my prayers and thoughts…

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