Little piece of heaven…

Ok, ok, ok…I know I haven’t blogged yet, and all my friends and family are about to have a cow. Let’s just say it’s been a crazy and amazing past few days. There’s so much to say I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, there’s at least 6-7 inches of snow on the ground, so we’re definitely in a winter wonderland. It’s beautiful. I know a lot of you are wondering about MIHAI!!! Yes, I have spent three amazing days with my precious boy. He’s still the same, sweet and adorable little guy. Although I think I can tell he’s gotten a little bigger. I also got to spend a lot of time with his brother, Vasile. Don’t worry, I got lots of pictures and videos! Delivering the EMI coats and clothes was amazing…the kids were SO excited. I wish I could have bottled that up to bring home. The last day we had a special teacher time that was really great. We brought them all to the cafeteria and served them hot chocolate. The Americans and translators spread out to talk to them. We had some great conversation and were able to praise them and encourage them and pray for them. They were so appreciative. One of the teachers I bonded with came up to me last night and took me aside with a translator. She began to cry and asked me to pray for her daughter when I got back to the States. I said, “Well why don’t we pray now?” This time around has given me more opportunities to have conversations like these…with the teachers and kids. Finally, I had a wonderful goodbye with Mihai. I’ll wait until I get back to the US to tell you. It’s a tell in person” story. Ok, there are people in line, so I should go. Oh yeah, the title of this post…this place and these kids and my little boy…it’s a little piece of heaven. Love to all! Keep praying…(sorry if there are lots of mistakes…this keyboard is weird)

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow it seems we have to go to another continent to see snow this time of year. Emily I’m so glad you got to visit with Mihai and Vasile and we look forward to lots of pictures and memories. We love you and are “praying constantly” for you and your team.
    Love Mom (Hunny)

  2. Linda Blough

    Just a quick note to say how overwhelmed I am to hear that you were able to spend so much time with Miha!!! I can only imagine your joy…
    Wish I were there with the team!
    Give Jess a hug for me.
    Love and blessings.
    Standing in the gap for my precious team members.

  3. Anonymous

    God has answered my prayers for you to see Mihi! I am so excited to hear that! I will continue to pray for you and wish I was there with you and everyone! Tell Calle and Jen, I am praying for them daily! Take care of yourself! Brandy

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Emily it’s your roommate Rhonda! I am so happy that you posted. I am more happy that you had an incredible 3 days with Mihai!!!! (You folks have no idea how much she loves this precious little boy!) I cannot wait to hear the stories in person, and see your pictures and videos. Reading the team’s posts has tears streaming down my cheeks, and makes me miss being over there. I am not sure when you will begin the long trip back to Nashville but I’ll be praying for y’alls safety. Here is something that will make you laugh – Friday night we were all at Lisa & Sarah’s and Amanda asked what time it was over there. We figured you’d just be waking up, and for a split second my mind escaped me (surprise surprise) and I said “Oh let’s call her!” As the words came out I realized what I’d said….but I wish we could call you and chat. Sorry this has been so long. Will go now. I hope maybe you got a chance to visit with Carolina or the Cucos siblings. I miss you lots! Love, Rhonda

  5. Laura Cantrell

    Dear Emily,
    It is truly amazing to read the blogs and know how God is using each of you over there. What a wonderful gift from God to use EMI and the team in such a powerful way, not just for the kids, but the teachers too! We are so glad that you have been able to spend time with Mihai and Vasile! Give the kids in Chisinau hugs for us!
    Laura, Elizabeth & Pat Cantrell

  6. Mary Anna


    I miss you and I was the one having a COW waiting for you to post!!! Praise the Lord for answered prayer—I am SO happy you got to visit with Mihai! I am so jealous of the snow. Please bottle some up and bring it home to Tennessee. You and the team are still in my prayers daily. Love you muchas and miss you!

    Mary Anna

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