I know my posts can be long sometimes. That’s just because there’s a lot happening. This blog is a bit like reality TV, except we’re not marrying people, making cakes or jumping off tall buildings with a bungee cord. We’re loving the little children who seem forgotten by the world and giving them a bed to sleep in that will not only keep them healthy and comfortable, but also remind them about real love and real hope.

Rather than sharing stories with you, I thought I’d just post pictures and let you see a bit of what that looks like….loving an orphan. Insert yourself in any of these photographs. I’ll bring you here. I’ll bring you anywhere.


…this one….

…and this one….

…and this one who used to have to sleep on this mat. But, because of love…..

….now sleeps on one like this that April is helping to tie so it can be carried to their hut.

Love…this is what I saw the day I rounded the corner and found a little boy sleeping on the grass. Hard. He was moaning and in pain. This little boy is the one we took to a clinic and found he had cerebral malaria and would die within 24-72 hours if he wasn’t treated.

And this is what treatment for cerebral malaria looks like when you’re healthy strong again and trying to see if you also have my spiritual gift…touching my tongue to my nose.

And by bringing smiles to little faces…even if they are blurry.

Love is needed here….

….and is being given here, but so much more is needed than this little one can give.

….love was missed here. And, is waiting for everything it still could bring.

There are an unfathomable number of children in the world who are orphaned and abandoned. Thanks to everyone who decides to give their love through Sweet Sleep, we’re helping reach them…one by one.

This is my prayer as well….that these children, and children like them all around the world will “Be Wih God”…..and that they could know God is with them.

Thanks to you……

Pray on and I’ll see you in the next blog,

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