Lovin’ on Kids

Yesterday, we went to the children’s home. We met all the children and got to play with them a little bit. I met this little girl named Catherine. She is two years old and the youngest child in the orphanage. She absolutely stole my heart! I have held her the last two days and haven’t let her go.

Today when I got there I found her in the crowd of children and went to go get her. She went right to me and we went to worship. While we were listening to Cayleigh speak she fell asleep in my arms. I loved that she felt so loved and safe that she could fall asleep. She always plays with my hair and touches my face. She looks me in the eyes with such a passion and I can definitely see the love of Jesus in her eyes. She also tries to do everything that I do. When I hum to her, she hums. When I bend down and give her a big smile she will bend down and give me an even bigger one. She looks up to me and I love that.

I just have to remember to look up to Jesus so that when little kids look up to me they will look up to Jesus. In all that I do I have to remember to do it how God wants me to because you never know when someone is watching you. I have become very protective of her and I try to keep her safe from everything and everyone she comes in contact with. When I hear her cry I run over to her and wipe her tears away. If I could keep her I would.

I was sitting in the dirt with her playing and she saw that I had dirt on my hand. She grabbed my hand and began wiping all the dirt off. I guess that was a way of her wanting to protect me. Today I felt like crying when I left her. I just want her to go with me so I know she is protected. I know that the moms there take very good care of her but I need her with me. She doesn’t really need me but I need her. I think about how much I love her and know it’s not even close to the love that Jesus has for her. I hope that she feels as much love as I do when she is in my arms.

Thank you Jesus for Catherine and for dying on the cross for her. To the people that know me; y’all just thought I loved kids before, I love them a million times more now!!!

Staci Morgan

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