Insomnia is a Sweet Sleep program that invites teenagers to stay up all night and experience the lack of comfortable sleep millions of orphans suffer daily. Afterward, they are encouraged to persuade their friends and families to support the cause by providing beds to children living in poverty.

You pick the date, schedule, and time frame for collecting donations. Camp mission project, lock-in/all-nighter, Sunday School missions emphasis – any time is a good time to engage your students in ministering to orphans. Typical campaign events are based around a 12-hour evening event with a midnight worship experience. We’ll help you customize an event that fits your church calendar and the interests and schedules of your students.

Once you pick your dates, we’ll get you the materials you need to get your students excited about attending Insomnia as well as campaign elements for your event including videos, promotional pieces, missions moments, Bible studies and more.

Insomnia campaigns have raised thousands of dollars for beds for orphans. How much can your students raise? You’ll be amazed how your students connect with helping other students sleep sweetly.