Under the Stars


Under the Stars is a Sweet Sleep lock-out event designed for high school and college students to experience what the night is like for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. In places like Uganda, Moldova and Ethiopia, orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children go to sleep each night on the cold, hard ground, either because they simply have no bed in which to sleep, or because they have been displaced from their families – abandoned into the streets to care for themselves – and must sleep wherever they can find a place to lay their heads.

Sleeping in a parking lot can change lives. As they prepare to sleep, looking up at the stars, teenagers will hear the stories of children and young adults just like them who are sleeping under the same sky.

You will be changed. And the lives of orphans thousands of miles away will be changed, too. A bed kit for a child living in Northern Uganda, including a straw mat, comfortable mattress, warm blanket, life-saving mosquito net and a Bible in their own language is just $70.

How many kids can your group help sleep sweetly?