Volunteer Opportunities


If you are interested in any of our available volunteering opportunities, please contact us!
We’ll get back to you in no time.


Advisory and Board Governance Volunteer

Our leadership is the backbone of the mission. It is not a volunteer position we take lightly, and we’re so thankful for our champions who wish to serve in these leadership capacities. Board of Director volunteer roles are confirmed by vote of the Board of Directors. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Board of Directors Member
  • Board Development Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Development / Fundraising Committee
  • Operations Committee
  • Church Partnerships Committee
  • Global Partnerships and Expansion Committee

Mission Journey Team Leader

You’ve traveled the world to serve those in need, and now God’s called you to serve those who GO. Join Sweet Sleep as a volunteer mission trip team leader and shepherd the experience of a mission team of 8 to 12 volunteers through pre-trip preparation, on the ground support, and post-trip mentoring. Mission trip expenses are the responsibility of the volunteer team leader. Sweet Sleep executive staff will partner with you in-country and throughout all steps of the journey. Responsibilities generally include the following, and a team leader manual will be provided:

Before / After Trip:

  • Plan and coordinate team meeting times; lead all team meetings
  • Customize meeting agendas using templates provided
  • Disseminate all Sweet Sleep-provided communications and resources
  • Customize provided weekly prayer and scripture guides; lead ongoing prayer effort
  • Collect pertinent information as needed by Sweet Sleep (passport and visa information, prayer partner names, application completion, payments, etc)
  • Plan pre-trip family get-together and post-trip debrief meeting
  • Communicate with team on behalf of Sweet Sleep
  • Work with the team to prepare for worship, Gospel sharing, recreation, and beds distribution
  • Create master supply list and delegate collection of supplies

During Trip:

  • Guide team through flight logistics including being able to be responsible for the management of the team during all travel, as well as guiding team through COVID requirements
  • Work with Ugandan staff to ensure team is comfortable and settled in travel, accommodations, and in the field
  • Coordinate daily team member led devotions and lead nightly debriefing team time
  • Work with Sweet Sleep staff to organize distribution event
  • Be available to the team to help guide them through the mission experience

Communications Volunteer

We have an incredible story to tell! Help us share the amazing impact our champions have had on vulnerable women and children in Uganda. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Handwriting notes of encouragement
  • Curating and editing impact and discipleship reports from our Ugandan staff
  • Reviewing monthly field reports, recommending stories that should be featured
  • Managing monthly communications to Team 11:28 monthly donors
  • Coordinating ongoing updates between CO•OPs and their sponsors
  • Managing Pinterest and / or Twitter social media accounts

Digital and Multimedia Volunteer

Do you love tinkering with digital design, telling stories through multimedia, or experiencing missions from behind the camera? Let us be your creative outlet! Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Bulk email styling using Canva and email marketing platforms
  • Social media digital asset design
  • Special event and communications print piece design
  • Digital multimedia asset curation
  • Video production
  • Mission team photo/videographer (trip expenses are the responsibility of the volunteer photographer)

Fundraising Events Volunteer

We love a good party and we know it takes a team to pull one off. Join us in creating moments to celebrate all God has done through Sweet Sleep and the champions who support that great work. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Host a micro-event in your home, church, or school
  • Serve as a co-chair of an annual event
  • Be a table sponsor and captain at our annual event
  • Style an event from graphic design to table settings and anything in between
  • Host a Ugandan Bazaar or manage one at an event you are a part of
  • Oversee our Ugandan craft goods merchandising
  • Serve as an advocate and recruit for micro-event hosts
  • Coordinate micro-events
  • Advocate for the cause of the orphan through speaking engagements

Local Volunteer

Whether you’re local to Nashville or live where we’re hosting a special event, it’s good to know we have a friend to call on to help us tackle the details. Local volunteer opportunities include:

  • Preparing event parting gifts
  • Serve at a local fundraising or awareness event
  • Manage and coordinate our Ugandan craft merchandise and Bazaar
  • Assist with periodic office administration
  • Hand write notes of encouragement
  • Call Sweet Sleep champions with messages of thanks