Going Beyond Beds – Margaret’s Story

Sweet Sleep’s ministry is evolving.

Margaret’s story is the perfect example of how your gifts are expanding our mission beyond beds.

Our mission statement is “Sweet Sleep exists to demonstrate God’s love and hope in Christ to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children, improving their quality of life.”

Providing beds, mosquito nets and bibles to these orphans greatly improves their quality of life with comfort, protection from malaria and the hope found in God’s word. But we believe these things are just the first step. True Rest not only comes from beds for children who sleep on the hard ground, it is also found in the peace-of-mind their caregivers receive from opportunities to create sustainable income so they can better support these kids. True Rest is knowing you can afford to feed your children more than just once a day. It is knowing you can pay their school fees so they can have an education and break the cycle of poverty. It is knowing you have value and a purpose.

Sweet Sleep’s economic development program gives these caregivers the opportunity to change their lives and the lives of the orphans under their care. And helps us all sleep better at night.

In the coming weeks you’ll learn more about our expanding mission and how Sweet Sleep is providing True Rest beyond beds.

Watch Margaret’s story to see how we are already accomplishing this thanks to your continued support.

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