Message to USA from Willa

Hey everyone!!! We’re having a lot of fun in Moldova. We are staying in Balsti. The camp is about an hour away. I have made several friends, Alina B, two translators, both named Elina, Ludmilla, Lilia, Carolina and Angelina, to name a few. We play hand games and talk. I help with the recreation group which is a lot of fun. The kids have to leave the camp when they are 16 and they will have no where to go. A lot of them get very sad when their 16th birthday comes close. We visited the orphanage today and it did not look good for living in. The buildings were dreary and cold looking. They were very old and did not look safe to live in. Also in the winter the one dorm they live in would be very crowded. The children have very few clothes, and have been wearing mostly the same clothes since we arrived. The Preschool children had their clothes washed today so they were running around in just a tshirt and underwear. Even the boys had girls underwear on and they were all grey and dirty looking. It was sad. Tomorrow we are washing their feet. I think that will be a little exciting because their feet are really dirty. Their shoes are broken and their shirts and pants have holes. We will also be giving them the socks and underwear we collected before the trip. We are all getting very tired. At supper everyone is silly. Most of the time we go over the day and pray. By then it is late and time to get ready for bed; however, there are still showers to be taken and supplies to get ready for the next day. Over and out from Willa!!!!! Susan: I am very proud of the kids today. It was a hot day (not complaining since it was not raining). They are tired, Willa has bags under her eyes. And everyone is getting a little testy. Still they are troupers. They are holding out everybit as well as the adults. The kids still cling to them and they still give them attention right back. Willa played soccer (futbal) with some kids today and apparently made a really good block at the goal using her stomach (that’s my girl!). And Sam was able to convince a few of his new friends to come up to the front to pray with the group during evening worship. I was very proud of both of them. Sam surprised me as we got on the bus to go home however. He came up to me and said he was thinking he wanted to stay until the end of the year. He said he was starting to empathize with these boys and wanted to stay and help them. He even promised to go to school. I couldn’t answer him and told him to sit down. It was a good day. Of course Willa wants us to bring them all home with us, which would also be great, but she would have to share her room! Again, I am so glad God allowed us to be a part of this adventure. He has allowed us to be used for his purpose, and it is a wonderful thing. As much as I am ready to come home to something to eat other than chicken and potatoes, I am dreading having to say goodbye to these beautiful children. I will certainly keep a part of them in my heart.

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  1. Anonymous

    So glad to be able to keep up with your week. I call mom and read your messages over the phone! Take care. We love you and miss you lots! Praise God for the opportunity you have been given.


  2. Anonymous

    Henry got your email and was very appreciative. All is well at home – even somewhat clean. We are continually praying for your safe return home.


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