Mission accomplished…almost!

What an amazing week this has been. I know many of you have been reading some of the beautiful stories on the blog. There are obviously way to many to tell you in a blog. God has totally blessed this team and this trip. We have been healthy. We have been united. We have been productive. We have been blessed! You never know what lies ahead when you head off across the sea to sevre. You can be sure to experience some unique circumstances and unforseen situations. Those have been true on this trip. But I have to say that this trip has been extra special, because of the great team that God put together. They have each been so special and amazing. Because of this, we are going to finish a day early with bed building. Again, we have been blessed.

Now a blog from Moldova would not be complete without a mention of the kids. Today was our first day that we were able to spend some quality time with most of them. There have been a couple from time to time that have popped up while we worked, but it wasn’t until today that we really were able to connect with most of them. We were able to do crafts, play some games, teach some English, hug some necks, and worship with them. You cannot come here and not be impacted by the life of a child. For me it was with a boy named Vilay. He is probably 11 or 12 and walks with a limp. Vilay is not able to speak, but Vilay’s gift does not come through words or works. It comes from a simple smile. You see everytime any of us see him, he is smiling. Always! It hit me so hard today when I stopped and thought about it. No matter what life hands you. No matter what your circumstance. Smile. It speaks louder than words ever will. So wherever you are know that you are blessed and smile!

2 Comments on “Mission accomplished…almost!”

  1. Jon Merryman

    Jason! So good to hear a report from you oh team leader! I hope you’re having a great time. I’m holding down the fort, answering the phones, talking to myself… it’s quiet in here!…

    Know that you are being prayed for today/tonight… Hope you’re growing to love that place as much as I do….


  2. hannahelaine

    yay! i’m inexplicably jealous! i wish i could be there, especially since i got to visit on the scouting trip last time. what precious little faces!!! have so much fun the rest of the week!

    take some pictures for me!

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