Moldova Day 3

Hello from Chisinau!

Today in Straseni we completed another 20 beds, worked our way up to the second floor (boys wing), and helped tons of kids celebrate their national Kids Day! But then you could add in: frisbee, arts and crafts, futbol, American football, badminton, dancing, Rover come on Over, and Ice Cream, so maybe we had a little fun….

And then I can go even further, tons of one on ones with the kids, kids in packs listening to stories of God’s love for them, bracelets represented their uniqueness to Jesus, and prayers around their new beds. As the Lord commanded to take care of the widows and orphans, sometimes we don’t know what this looks like, but sometimes we do. I can see the answers to your prayers evidenced this week, as seen in the smile of little ones, even the happy “I’m too cool to be grinning” older children, but most of all, in the hugs, high fives, laughs, and jubilation of the kids.

Two more days to go, two days filled with a huge birthday bash, field trip, futbol (you always have to mention futbol), laughs, hugs, hellos, waves, smiles……and we could go on….but we’ll let you wait til tomorrow to hear more….

Thanks for all the encouragement.


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