Moldova, Moldova, Moldova!

Hello all!

We’re sitting in a Russian Internet cafe with loud techno music, smoke, no lights and a broken Russian keyboard…so I hope this email blog is worthy of reading!

The children are incredible. They are much younger than we were anticipating and they have pieces parts of shoes and clothing. They have big smiles and are always so excited about everything we say and do.

We’ve had rain both days. Yesterday was a downpour and it made dirt camp, mud camp. Today it sprinkled a “fair’ amount. It’s a big mud hole.

Top news…the Prime Minister is coming for a visit to the camp on Tuesday….we’re all planning on making him lay on the nasty beds and use the potties the children have sitting outside their rooms in the nature and then see what he can do for them. =)

We’ve had to be flexible with everything that has happened, but the team is great and is rolling with all of the odd things that come our way.

Tomorrow we’ll have a great day as we focus on teaching the children how to pray and why to pray. It’s going to be great.

Today we had a bday party forthe kids….and we took pictures of each of them, so stay tuned to the site for 140 more children to sponsor and love!

Thinking of all of you,
Jen Gash

3 Comments on “Moldova, Moldova, Moldova!”


    Thanks Jen for all you and the team are doing for this country!! It’s awesome to see how you are living the vision God gave you, who ever said that one person can’t make a difference? Stay flexible 😉

    Looking forward to joining you and some of the others this weekend!!


  2. Millertime

    Mud camp!
    If I remember correctly, that place was built on a hillside. With all the mud, you can have a mudsliding contest!
    I hope everyone on your team is having their eyes opened and the room in their hearts expanded for the incredible things God will do through all of you.
    Team 2 had our packing session today, so we’re gearing up for the switch-over.
    Christina, Jen, and Emily we look forward to seeing you in about a week. For everyone else, have a good time and we’ll see you after July 4th.
    God bless you all.


  3. Laura Cantrell

    Greetings Team 1! We are praying for you and so glad to hear about all of the WONDERFUL things God is doing already! We are filled with the same excitement and anticipation as we get closer to joining you. Team Two…5 days and counting!

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