moldova my heart

hello hello! just want to write a quick message about the time i’ve spent here so far. i have enjoyed so much my time with all the people God brought together here; children, translators and team. i’ve had some amazing conversations in small group being with the older kids, girls especially…they have a lot of questions for me about america and my life. they seem very curious about how to make a living and getting an education. being with the younger children has been great too. their love language of touch is so strong..and it has been great being with them taking thousands of pictures on the digital camera. today was extra special because my mom’s little girl, antonina was said not to be able to attend camp until july and then today when we arrived back from lunch they said she was here! so i got to video my mom meeting her for the first time which was such a sweet moment. i will never forget the memories i am making here and i cannot pray enough for whats goin on and for these children. i feel so heavy at the end of the day just thinking through the realities most of them face especially with the older children as they will be in the world soon trying to make a life. i have so many thoughts but i’m trying to journal to get it all down. pray. pray. to anyone reading this, coach perry claire zack dad i miss yall!

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