Moldova Sweet Sleep Team has arrived!!

We have finally arrived in Chisinau, Moldova to begin our Sweet Sleep ministry and bed installation for the children at Straseni, Moldova. Our team includes our fearless leader Dean Baylor and team members Josh McMullan, Brianna Williams, Kelsey Brennan, Tessa Tompkins, Katie Huey, and Sarah Little who is joining us tomorrow.

Our flights were all uneventful, which is good :)), and God has already prepared us with adopted Moldovan twin girls flying with us for a stay with family members here. Their names are Mariana and Deanna. They have been in the U.S. for three years, just graduated from high school in Nashville and speak great English. They were so excited about going home but they were also great help when we got to Moldova as interpreters!

We are staying at an International Mission Board house in Chisinau and we have just finished a great meal and we are now preparing for our first visit with the children in the morning.

Lucia is the Sweet Sleep staffer here in Moldova and she met us at the airport along with C.J. the IMB staffer. They have been totally helpful and eased our entry into a new country for most of us except Kelsey! This is Kelsey’s third trip to Moldova and she has been invaluable both during the trip and for planning our ministry with the children!!

We are all excited to see what God will do through us with these wonderful children! All of us are so thankful for your prayers, financial help and contributions to this mission trip. Lucia says the children are really excited that we are coming, mainly due to the last team’s great sucess with them. The children range from age six to sixteen and most are children with mental disabilities. Kelsey, who’s been with them before, says they are wonderful to be with and just as cute as they can be!

After you read this, stop and say a special prayer that God will take over and use each of us to minister to these special children and to the staff at Staseni! Blogged by Tony Nunn

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