More Great Photos from our Week of Ministry in Moldova

It’s been an amazing week serving with these friends from Tennessee, Texas and Canada bringing the Hope and Love of Christ to orphaned and abandoned children in Ivancea, Moldova. Here are some photos I particularly enjoyed from our last couple of days here.

Kelsey and Katea at the end of a great week of VBS in Ivancea.

Me with my new friends about to graduate from the orphanage.
Praying for safety, protection and blessings for them tonight…

Me teaching my new friends a secret handshake: Cartof, Cartof, Fries. (Potato, Potato, Fries) Here we are mid-potato. 🙂

Our team and kiddos at Ivancea on our last day together.

Checking out the map at the Chisinau Zoo – making sure we don’t miss any of the animals!
(or get lost!)

Our team at the Chisinau Zoo. We met the cast of Madagascar. Priceless. 🙂

Carolyn’s gnome, and our team, spent a great evening at MallDOVA.
Bowling, shopping and fruit covered in chocolate from the chocolate fountain. YAY!

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