My first trip to Falesti

Good afternoon to my family and friends there in Brentwood! I love you all and thanks for your prayers, prayer letters and support. Becky, Dennis and Lisa, you can’t imagine how special those letters are each day and what they mean. Everyone looks forward to getting theirs each morning. Thanks so much for your prayers. They spoke right to my heart the last three days and gave me such a spiritual boost. My first trip to Falesti was a very memorable one but I don’t have much time right now. We’re about to lose our time here at the Internet cafe. The children were lovely and responded so much to our love. The least little look, touch or smile would completely break them down and they would be all over you. It was a wonderful experience. I wish it on anyone. Good thing I upgraded to that big memory card on Becky’s suggestion. Getting the hook by the cafe boss. Got to run. Love to all. Tripp

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  1. Laura Cantrell

    Hey Tripp,
    I am really glad you all made it to Falesti. How does it compare to Chisinau? I know you can’t wait to see all of the kids there again! Be sure to give them all hugs from me when you see our bed building crew! I really hope that God uses you all in a mighty way. Our prayers are with you all!
    Laura Cantrell

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