My Second Home

I’m not sure if anyone has blogged about this yet…most of the team was laughing at me Saturday in the Cincy airport for “chasing down” an aging rock star. Everyone wanted to kow if it was him and so I set out on a quest 😉

Speaking of quest: returning to my “second home” has been really cool. I have met up with many of the familar faces and have met new ones. This trip always amazes me in many different ways and never gets old. I have arranged for everything that people sent with me to be delivered and have passed along all the messages as well.

The only quest I have unfulfilled is the quest for the elusive scented kleenex pack. I will find at least one and bring it back to Brentwood for the one that must have it LOL Okay, actually a friend asked if I would bring a pack back if I spotted one, however you know everything to be is an adventure 🙂

Today was our first workday and things went well after the typical slow start. Most of the older boys from the orphanage that helped us did great work. Many of them remembered me from previous trips , so it was good to renew those friendships.

We have an unique work schedule this week. Three days will be at the school (orphanage) , one day at a different orphanage and the other day at camp.

The big question on everyone’s mind id what color will Jen’s toe be tomorrow? It’s a nice shade of purple at the moment, so we are places guesses as to what will be next. Read Miller’s post to see details of that event.

It’s getting late and we have an early start tomorrow. I feel we will have a great week ahead of us. We got a good jumpstart on projects today and team members are already bonding with the guys.

Stayed tuned……..


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  1. MarilynW.

    So let me get this straight! You will look at Jens Toe but I could not get anyone to look at my Toe!
    I think it must have turned 4 or 5 different colors! Poor Jen! I hope she is going to be alright!

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