Night 2 in Moldova, Day 1 in the Orphanage.

It is 10:23 at night here and 2:23 in the day back home. Today was our first day in the orphanage and it was incredible. The beds did not show up on time so we did not get a chance to build any. It was fine because that gave us more time to play with the kids. Riley and I got our first introduction by invading the soccer or “futbol” field. The little kids do not look like much but I got embarrassed by them for I am not the best soccer player. Riley of course did just fine and he could be found running up and and down the field leading the kids. William, Caitlin, Marty, Cody, and Beth joined in soon after and it became an all out battle on the field. After that came the hang out time off the field. I got into a game of “tag” with some of them. These kids are a true joy and to see the smiles on their faces when they get attention is truly amazing. The rest of the day was filled with arts and crafts, a young life skit, and sad good byes as we tried to explain to the kids that we would be back tomorrow. As I was leaving I saw a flock of girls around Kelsey as she was saying bye, you could see the love she had for those kids in her eyes and they knew it. I feel blessed to have witnessed that. After another amazing dinner the team sat on the roof and sang worship songs to Marty’s talented guitar skills. We all look forward to tomorrow to spend more time with the kids.

3 Comments on “Night 2 in Moldova, Day 1 in the Orphanage.”

  1. Rick Brasher

    Great to hear from the Burharts, Caitlin and Taylor. We are anxious to read about your experiences. We look forward to these daily postings. What a gift you guys are to these children and to your families. Keep the blogs coming.

  2. Tory Wolf

    Taylor it sounds like you are having a blast! Its amazing to think about the impact you and the team are making in the lives of God’s precious little ones there in Moldova. It’s amazing to me to be reminded of what ONE person can do in the life of another because of God.
    Sweet Sleep to you and the team tonight!

  3. debbie

    Thanks for this post Taylor, I can envision what you all are doing. I especially love the vision of you all on a rooftop singing praise songs. Praying for you all.

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