No Borders In God’s Kingdom

As Day 3 of Uganda winds down to the end, I take a moment to reflect on the wonders of the day. We celebrated the sabbath with fellow believers in Gulu. We spent the morning in comfortable companionship worshiping our living Lord. A structure patched together with pieces of Corrugated metal with a tiny cut out serving as a lone window. Splitter wood functioned as shutters. Even though the building lacked a steeple or stained glass windows, the presence of the spirit of faith fell down mightily. I learned two things from the little village church in Gulu.

First, what adorns the building doesn’t make the church.

Secondly, the Bride of Christ, his church, transcends nations and language barriers. There are no borders in God’s kingdom.

My favorite part of the day was rocking a sweet baby as we sang praises to our God.


After church, we stopped by a market to shop, and then we rested and relaxed in preparation for a busy week of bed distribution.


But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me and not hinder them, for to such belongs to the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 19:14 


On Monday, we drove 2 hours north for our  first distribution day. We ministered to refugees from war-torn South Sudan. Over 2 million refugees now make their home in northern Uganda.

Walking sometimes more than one hundred miles to escape the horrors of civil war, they now attempt to carve out a life for themselves. Many of the children are orphaned and placed in family units once they arrive in the camp.  Another child, named Emanuel, was abandoned by his mother because of his physical disabilities.  An elderly neighbor discovered him and assumed his care.  Burn scars marred another young child’s legs, and a few toes had been amputated. I could go on about the dire situations of each family.

But in spite of the suffering circumstances, the people gathered for the Sweet Sleep mattresses were joyful, hopeful, and grateful; smiles gracing their beautiful faces.  In the midst of complete destruction, they find the hope.  I found myself envious of their perspective. I desire to more like them.

Shelly Moehlenbrock
July, 2018 Uganda Team

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