No Mirrors

They have no mirrors here. The children do not know what they look like. They ask often for us to take their “photo, photo!” because they get so excited to see themselves on the screen after the flash goes off. They smile, they laugh, they praise God no matter what. These children have taught me many lessons so far, and this is one I learned today.

Yesterday my pocket mirror broke. I realized I am now like these children with no mirror here. So, I decided to look at myself through their eyes today. They were my mirror. So, first, before I go any further, let me describe what I looked like today on the outside – frizzy hair up in a hat, a trace of makeup, a big t-shirt (thanks, Em) and some scrub pants. When they saw me and all the team members, these children shouted for joy and grabbed for us like we had just hopped out of a limo to walk the red carpet. While they are definitely awestruck by my blonde hair and white skin, I began to realize it was not at all what I looked like that drew them to me or my teammates. They have a genuine desire to hold and be held…and unfortunately they do not get that often. What we are giving them cost us nothing…yet provided a gigantic return. And as we processed tonight as a team, we admitted it was nice to be loved, to be held, to be accepted by these precious children for no other reason but that we loved them.

This morning a child sitting in John’s lap next to me in church took my bible and begin flipping through. His finger landed on a page, and he held it there for awhile. I could see some of my writing in the margin, so I was curious about the scripture. He was holding the page to Psalm 139. I know he couldn’t read it, but it was interesting to me that he was holding the passage open…a passage that says he is fearfully and wonderfully made! I had marked that page, because it had a profound impact on me during one of my studies recently, and I had dated it so I would remember the moment. This child, a little over a month later, reminded me about that scripture and what it says about true identity and undconditional love. As the service went on, this same child was so comfortably resting in John’s lap and arms that he eventually fell asleep. He was comfortable, he was loved, so he found “sweet sleep” resting in arms of love and compassion.

If you get a chance after reading this, check out Psalm 139 and find rest for YOU…the person He made you. Sit still and let God hold you in his arms…just as you are. No need for a mirror.

Much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing Laura. We are praying for you and those you offer your heart to there.

    John and Julie H

  2. Ninemire

    Wow, can you imagine the United states without mirrors?
    Hmmm what an experiance that would be. Keep up the good work.
    For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord….Thank you and Amen…

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