Not Disappointed

I was all set to summarize this latest Moldova experience, but then I read the words of Isaiah, Jen and Galina in the blog post directly below this one. I can’t really add much to what they’ve said.

As I prepare to leave Moldova in a few hours with our beds still separated from the children by a customs department padlock, I have to confess that I was feeling disappointed. But after reading Jen’s post, I realize I shouldn’t be. I wanted those kids to be sleeping in those beds tonight. I wanted our team to have the experience of putting those beds into the bedrooms at the orphanage and seeing the delight on the children’s faces as they sit on them and lay on them for the first time. But what God wanted more than anything else was for us to go there and to tell those children that he loves them. We did that, and that is enough.

I’m not suggesting that God doesn’t want those kids to have those beds and kept us from building them. I know he wants them to have them and will open that door so that they will. But, I think that when things don’t go according to our plans, God finds ways to use us that we didn’t expect or even understand at the time. All that’s really required of us is to have the faith to go where he sends us and then be the conduit through which he reveals himself to those around us. That’s the real beauty of trips like this. All that we need to be or do is found solely in him and his purposes. And if we really learn that, we’ll never be disappointed.

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