Nu Plinge (dont cry)

This is gonna be quick. I haven’t been able to bloc all week but its been an amazing week. I have made several new friends and have learned a lot of Romanian. I have had kids correct me on my Russian and have official quit talking to them :). I have gained a new brother named fan(stas)tic. The cutest boy in the world. I have had so many experiences here that I am so unbelievably sad that I am leaving. The translators are the bomb and are so fun to be around. We have created bible study lessons for the kids and it has gone great. The little skids keep hanging on me and it is adorable. I also keep telling my mom that I really am an orphan and that I should stay here with two translators I have fallen in love with (Alina and her husband Dima). The other missionaries here have also gotten closer with me and I have made new relations with them. With all the friends I have made I need to come back to Moldova. I am on the verge of tears thinking how I will miss these kids. You’ll have to ask for the details later. I’ve got to go.

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  1. Carol Moutrie

    It’s so wonderful to finally see a message from you. I’ve been thinking of you and praying for you every day. I can’t wait to see you nest week and hear EVERYTHING about you trip.

    Love you much,
    Grandma Moutrie

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