On to the next stop…

We made it back to Chisinau today around 5:00 (it is now 11:30 pm). It was really rough leaving the children today. For me, it was hard to leave my translator that I had. She was so sweet. I wish she was going to be at the next orphanage, but we get new translators. I have made several special connections with a couple of kids. All of the kids in our class (5th – 9th grade) really warmed up to Robert, Tim, and me. I think they were excited to have a mix of games, crafts, and bonding. It is amazing how much communication you can do with such a language barrier. I hope that the kids tomorrow at the orphanage in Chisinau are just as sweet. I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! Talk to you soon! Leslie 🙂

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Leslie,
    You posted this at 11:30 pm on Sunday and I’m reading it at 4:10 on Sunday afternoon. What a time difference!! You are already into tomorrow!! Or wait, am I stuck in yesterday!?! I’m sure that you will like the next orphanage in Chisinau as well as this one! Take care and have a good week. Love bunches!! Joyce

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Leslie! It is good to “hear” from you. Thanks so much for posting. You and Emily (and the rest of your team!) are in my thoughts daily. Reading all the posts has made me cry and wish I was there again to reach out and touch the children. I pray that you will create special bonds with many of the kids and be a positive influence on them. I know you will and they’ll never forget the impact your team has had on their lives. See you when you return!
    Rhonda Walsh

  3. Anonymous

    GMS! Or whatever time of day it is. Glad you are making connections with the kids. That’s what it’s all about.

    Take care,

  4. KS

    Hey Leslie…

    Hope you are having a wonderful experience! I just wanted to let you know I haven’t had the baby yet…I am still here. Praying for your safe return.
    See you soon!
    PS I hit the wrong button so you willprobably get an email at work too. OOps! :OD

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Leslie…good to hear from you. Sounds like you are having a great experience. Take a lot of pictures if possible and keep in touch!

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