One more note for LABOR day in Moldova

If you’re following this blog, then you know by now how much we labored today on Labor Day – hope you all at home enjoyed your holiday! And you also know that we are being well taken care of and not wanting for anything other than rest.

But did you know that this time, our work here in Moldova, is the result of 2 years of faithful work and prayer!? Neither did we. Jen shared that news with us at supper tonight and it made me view this journey from a new perspective. For me, this proves John 14:13 – “You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, because the work of the Son brings glory to the Father.” The seeds of the ministry of Sweet Sleep that is being done in Ialoveni were sown 2 years ago in prayer, asking the Lord to make a way and provide the means and the workers. And here we are now, building beds and spending time with these children just as had been asked in the name of Christ 2 years ago.

And why is it that we are able to be here, doing this work? So that we can bring glory to the Father. That’s it! That’s all the the motivation we need – so that God may be glorified by these children finding out how much they are loved by Him.

So, please continue to pray as Jesus instructed, in His name, for strength, effectiveness, rest and health – so that we may love these kids and glorify God. Who knows what great things we can all report on in 2 more yearsas we continue to ask it in His name!? I can’t wait to see!


2 Comments on “One more note for LABOR day in Moldova”

  1. jamielen

    Happy Labor Day everyone!! Thank you so much for your faithful service. Know that you do not toil in vain! Our prayers for rest, strength and health! God bless!

  2. JD

    Such awesome updates! We can hear your enthusiasm & can tell you are already body & soul committed to the work & the kids. Praise the Lord for your hearts! Praise the Lord for your sacrifice! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness…to you & your needs as you serve & to the children & their needs as they are served! We love you & we are praying for you!
    Jason & Dorie Pyron

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