Plan B…we’ve reached G!

Sweet sleep is currently in Kampala Uganda!  Our team will be working at an orphanage within the program to distribute beds, bibles and mosquito nets to the housed 127 orphans. An additional 300 children attend school and church service on the grounds. This morning we gathered at Sonship Ministries Busega (the church on the grounds of the orphanage) to celebrate the Lord on a beautiful Sunday morning. We were welcomed with flowers and enthusiastic smiles. The worship service was provided by CHILDREN! Five different choral groups gave praise with signing and dancing. Two young girls, aged 13 and 14, preached Gods word with eloquence and grace. Together, they presented a sermon of scripture they held dear to their lives and hearts. The church had no electricity, was covered in red dirt and filled with plastic chairs and fading paper flowers; yet the faces of the crowd worshiping were of sincerity and peace. Has coming to Uganda made me realize that to truly love the Lord and His word all one really needs is an open and willing heart to seek Him? I believe my answer is yes. We later spoke with Paul, the founder of the MollyandPaul schools in Uganda. He was an orphan himself who was raised by an American from Boston, MA. After the air force, Paul came back to Uganda and decided he would educate orphans to give them the opportunity he was given. Over the next week we will be removing the soiled, torn, and mildewed mats that the children currently sleep on and replace them with bunk bed frames, ( hoping the room that held 36 children when probably only 15 sleep comfortably will be more spacious) mattresses, mosquito nets to discourage a PREVENTABLE disease and a bible of their own! Today we painted the orphanages sleeping quarters. We choose to paint Proverbs 3:24 on each rooms’ wall as a reminder of the spiritual and physical rest we are hoping Sweet Sleep provides for the orphans.  Within minutes the children were painting the verse themselves and joyous for the upcoming days ahead! We are so excited to be here and provide for these children! Our team looks forward  to continue blogging our  journey. I would like to ask each of you to keep our team in your prayers. The Indiana team along with Jake and Natalie Embry have had multiple flight delays and will not be reaching Uganda until Monday evening around 2300, 48 hours later than originally planned. Our team is not complete nor do we have all supplies needed without our missing members. We are praying for their safe arrivals and mission to serve the Lord here in Kampala! Continue to share Sweet Sleeps inspiring  mission as the weary are seeking Gods rest and comfort. God Bless you all!

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