Missions projects for churches
schools and other groups

Build A Bed

For Kids

You can help your kids help other kids halfway around the world through Sweet Sleep’s Build-A-Bed campaign. Your kids can take up offerings and see how many beds they can provide while learning about the needs of orphaned and abandoned children.

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Nickels for Nets

For Schools & Church Groups

Nickels for Nets is a challenging, educational and fun program to get kids involved with Sweet Sleep’s mission to provide life-saving mosquito nets for orphaned and abandoned children in malaria-affected areas.

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Pajama Jam!

For Pre-Teens & Kids

Sweet Sleep Pajama JAM! is a fun, easy event for birthday parties, slumber parties, missions nights at church or a special project at school. Your kids can make a difference by learning about the needs of the world’s orphans and learning how they can help to improve the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda by providing them with clean, comfortable beds.

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Teen Lock-In

You can help your students help kids in the United States and halfway around the world by participating in an INSOMNIA campaign. At INSOMNIA, your students will stay up all night to experience the lack of comfortable sleep millions of orphans suffer through every night.

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Under the Stars

Teen Lock-Out

Can sleeping in a parking lot really change a life? Stop Wondering. Displace yourself. Your students will displace themselves from their homes, their beds, and their comforts, to spend the night in the reality of millions of children around the world who don’t have a safe place to sleep.

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