For Pre-Teens & Kids

About this Program

featuring-yancySweet Sleep Pajama JAM! is a fun, easy event for birthday parties, slumber parties, missions nights at church or a special project at school.

Your kids can make a difference by learning about the needs of the world’s orphans and learning how they can help to improve the lives of orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children in Uganda by providing them with clean, comfortable beds. A one-time gift of just $140 provides a child living in an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda with a bed that will keep them from sleeping on a cold concrete floor or on dirty scraps of cardboard or foam. A gift of just $50 provides a bed for a child living in northern Uganda. These children live in small huts in remote areas, sleeping on straw mats or even on bare dirt floors.

To begin your project, pick an attainable goal for your group. 20 kids bringing $25 can keep 10 children from sleeping on the ground in northern Uganda. 20 kids bringing $35 can provide comfortable, life-changing new beds to 5 kids in orphanages in Kampala, Uganda.

Letting parents know about the project and asking them to send donations with their kids is crucial to your event’s success. You may want to set a goal of how many beds you want to be able to provide and suggest a specific dollar goal per kid or family. Think big! Maybe every kid or family in your group can provide one or more beds for orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda! Whatever your goal, the children you will help will be overwhelmingly appreciative that you and your kids thought to help them have a clean, healthy, comfortable place to sleep.

Pajama JAM! has been created for pre-teens but is also a lot of fun for younger children! See the notes at the end of this event plan for songs to substitute for preschool and younger children.