For Pre-Teens & Kids

About this Program

featuring-yancySweet Sleep Pajama JAM! is a fun, easy event for birthday parties, slumber parties, missions nights at church or a special project at school.

Your kids can make a difference by learning about the needs of the world’s orphans and learning how they can keep kids from becoming orphans by supporting at-risk families in countries like Ethiopia. A one-time gift of just $385 provides an Ethiopian family with the resources and skills to start a business that will support the family and keep the kids in the family instead of sending them to live on the street!

To begin your project, pick an attainable goal for your group. 20 kids bringing $20 can keep 1 child from becoming orphaned. And actually, since families sometimes have 5, 10 event 18 kids at home, your kids will be helping even more children! Sweet Sleep will let you know how many children you were able to help after your gift has been received.

Letting parents know about the project and asking them to send donations with their kids is crucial to your event’s success. You may want to suggest $20 per kid or family – and maybe 20 families will come to your event to help one family in Ethiopia – or maybe you can help 2, 3 or more families! Whatever your goal, the families you will help will be overwhelmingly appreciative that you and your kids thought to help them keep their kids safe and warm at home and not on the streets.

Pajama JAM! has been created for pre-teens but is also a lot of fun for younger children! See the notes at the end of this event plan for songs to substitute for preschool and younger children.