So I have been in Moldova for two months now and it has only rained two days until today. I had no idea I would be so excited to see rain. I must say it didn’t rain for long but it was long enough to get that wet gravel smell. You know the smell, right? It was awesome. I personally said a prayer of thankfulness for the farmers. I know they were thrilled to see rain.
Today the team told me it was Bekah day. I had a very busy day. This morning I had the devotional, at camp I led evening worship by sharing my testimony, then tonight was my turn to blog. I am so shocked today when I shared my testimony. I thought that they wouldn’t realy listen. I thought I would just share it and then move on to the next part of worship. I was so amazed at how much they listened. Just looking out into the crowed of 2o kids, I felt God telling me to keep talking to them. I talked and talked. They listened and listened. I watched their faces and knew some of them wanted to accept Christ into their heart. They looked at me as if saying, “Hey, I want to say this prayer!” I told them they could come and talk to me and I would be more than happy to help them make any descision they feel they should make. Still now of them really moved or came to me. I know that this is God’s calling for me this week. I need to make sure I do not leave this week with any descisions not made. Please pray for me about this!!
I am completely exhausted. My bed is calling my name. Oh, I learned a new Romanian word. It’s somnusor, which means sweet dreams!

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  1. Anonymous

    Bekah-boo, I know you are called for such moments as these for which you have been experiencing. I am praying for you and I know God is using you in powerful way. Just continue to love on the children and be there for them. Remember, you may be the seed planter in the children’s lives, and someone else will be the harvester. So be open and be ready just in case it is your time to be the harvester! What an amazing child of God you are.
    Love you and your bed will be ready when you come home on Sunday!

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