Safe and Sound

Yes, it’s true…we’re here in Balti at the team house. We’re stinky and tired, but we’re here…as are all of our bags! Praise God for that. There’s really not much to type yet, so we’ll type more later. I mainly just wanted to let everyone know we’re here, we’re safe, and we’re healthy. So thank you for your prayers. And may I just say it is always good to be back in Moldova. It is SO green here…just gorgeous. Ok, off to clean up and head to bed. Nopta Buna!!



PS – Happy Birthday to Duncan and Hadley tomorrow!!!

2 Comments on “Safe and Sound”

  1. Anonymous

    So glad that everyone and everything arrived safely in Moldova. We all continue to pray for you and for the work you do there. Keep us posted when you can.
    Love Mom (Emily’s)

  2. Mary Anna

    It’s so good to hear that the weather in Moldova is pleasantly cool. I wish it were pleasantly cool in my bedroom. Instead, it’s 86 degrees, as our air is out and has been out since Thursday evening.

    I love you gals and home misses you greatly, especially the mopped floors and empty sink.

    Come home soon—but not until you’re finished with God’s work for the moment. Be safe and give those little Moldovans some love from me! Praying for each of you!

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