Sam and Susan Sharpe say “Hello”

We finally saw sun today! It actually was hot for a while and the kids played out in the yard. I have been surprised by a lot so far this week. The kids are all so happy to see us. I am working with the young ladies who are in their early teens. Sam is with grades four through six and Willa is with first through third. Willa’s group is a rowdy bunch. It is amazing to see how the kids have been accepted by the children at the camp. The kids follow them around and love to be involved in whatever Sam and Willa have going on. I don’t know how Sam is communicating with the boys, but they seem to be able to discuss things and figure out games to play. God is certainly breaking down the communication barriers for him and it is beautiful to see. It has been a blessing to be with the team of workers we have from Tennessee. The are very uplifting and do their best to encourage each other whenever the going gets tough. Of course we always find something to laugh at, which is what you do when fatigue makes you slap happy! During the afternoons we have free time with the kids. We can do whatever activity we want. Sam has made a duct tape wallet for one of his closest friends and has help the boys with basic origami projects. Willa has helped the kids with making bracelets and braiding hair. Today I was working with a couple of students teaching them some basic English phrases. One of the girls was trying very hard and had some difficulty with the “th” sound. Most Romanian words use hard consonants and she had difficulty getting it right. She was very upset, but she kept trying and eventually got there. The best part however, was hearing her say “Jesus is my friend” and “Jesus loves me”. We were even able to carry on a basic English conversation by the end. I could tell she was very happy. I have been very uplifted by this whole experience and am very grateful that I have been able to come here. God is good. I hope that we are being a blessing to the children and bringing glory to God’s name with our work. Sam: What my mom says is pretty much it, except she omitted the part where I made up a cool game with bottle caps. It’s almost ready to be sold to the Parker Brothers. A couple of guys I have met include but are not limited to(By the way, I really don’t know how to spell the last names): Sasha N., Sergio, another Sasha, and Yuri. So, that’s it. By the way, a big shout-out to my peeps at BGA. SAM SHARPE Rachel, Henry and Seth, I love you and see you soon!

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