Sandy speaks from Moldova

Greetings from Balti, Molda. Today has been the best day yet!. Beginning with, God blessed us with a day of sunshine which was wonderful after 2 days of ran! We are all getting to know each other well and in my opinion working together wonderfully as a team. I have felt God’s presence here so strongly. This is trully a life changing experience for the children as well as myself. The children seem happier more each day that we are here. It has taken me a day but they seem to we “warming up to me” and all I can say is that I love them even though they are not my own. They are so easy to love. Today I watched as they were in “free time” , learning English, playing cards, painting, etc and they are so eager to learn! As we go through the day, the children just want to be touched and held – I am blessed to be here to hug and hold them. The pictures we are taken are many and will be great to show ya’ll when we get home. If anyone reads this today or any day this week will you Please forward this to my sister at the e-mail address thank you, See you soon………Sandy

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  1. Jane's mother

    I am Jane Thompson’s mom. I’ve forwarded your entire entry to your sister as requested and have also sent her the direct link to this specific blog entry. Hope your trip is going well; I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Mary Jane Thompson

  2. Joan (and Dick)

    Isn’t it marvelous how God makes the giving and taking both ways on such a journey? You are being blessed and so are all those whose lives you are touching. God works through YOU! May you have a wonderful journey now and when you come back to the US with your memories. Many will learn and hear of the precious children in Moldova because you made the trip. Thanks for giving special love to Viorica and Olga for us.
    God bless you real good,
    Joan (and Dick)

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