SICK of being SICK

Hello all! It is now about 5:20pm here in Moldova. I woke up at about 4:00pm. Today I got up to eat breakfast and my head hurt, my throat was throbbing, and my muscles were so sore I could barely move. I got up to eat breakfast to see if I would feel any better, but it seemed hopeless. I knew that I had to stay home today. I went back to bed and fell automatically asleep. I took medicine when it was time, but didn’t fully get out of bed until around 5:00pm. My throat still hurts, I’m a bit congested, and I may still have a fever, but I feel a little bit better after having some extra rest.

Well, yesterday was AMAZING. It was our first day at the church with the kids. As Kelsey already mentioned, she and I played the parts of the two puppets. This was a blast whether we were good or not. I must add in that Bekah is probably the best COLOR WONDER I have ever seen. I had a wonderful time getting to know the kids from the orphanage. Kelsey also already mentioned Andrei. He was a sweetie. We obviously couldn’t communicate very well in English or Romanian, so we figured, let’s talk Spanish! Yes, the two of us spoke a little Spanish yesterday. I’m not sure how in the world he knows Spanish, but I had fun speaking with him. Mrs. Drennan ran the Bible Study for the older kids yesterday, and did a fantastic job. I really think some of them were really hearing the Word for the first time. Marilyn said something last night that stuck with me. She said that when you have nothing, you are more willing to accept than when you have everything. We ask the kids yesterday who had a Bible at home, and not one child raised there hand. This was another reassurance from God that I am where I’m supposed to be.

After we left the church yesterday, we went in to the village and to a soccer field. We just started playing with soccer balls and frisbees, and soon enough, we had some kids come play with us. I have to say that it probably made my entire day when a little boy named Danut came and joined us. He was wearing only his underwear, which we first took for a Speedo. We gave them all nametags and he put his on his waist. He was just precious. We chased him around the field and he just giggled. He told us he was five years old.

After the village yesterday, we went to the orphanage to help a little bit with the beds. It really was amazing to be able to help create a bed for a little child to have a “sweet sleep” in.

We came home after the orphange to a wonderful meal of chicken and potatoes. It is starting to become funny that every meal is some sort of chicken and some sort of potatoes. But I am not complaining, the woman who is cooking for us, Lillia, treats us like royalty. She has also taken care of me today.

This trip is only just beginning and my life is changing every minute I spend in Moldova. Just the way that life is lived here and the way the government is run is entirely different from the U.S. Even little things like not being able to drink the water and flush the toilet paper. Things are just very different here. I’m not going to lie, I do miss some of the comforts of home, like air conditioning, but I wouldn’t trade this trip for anything. Keep praying for us and please pray for me to feel better, but most of all pray for the children. Thanks to everyone!

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  1. Holly

    Wonderful to hear everything going on there. You are in my prayers. God is going to do amazing things through you. Feel better!!! Miss you lots.

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