Sweet Summer Kickoff

Hello from Uganda!! We’ve just arrived in Kampala to kick off Sweet Summer 2016 where week after week, we will be checking in on friends from last year, welcoming mission journey teams, and – of course – hand delivering hope by giving beds to orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children. We have a lot happening this summer that I want you to be aware of, and we ask for your prayers for this work.

For the next two weeks, Stuart and I will be visiting the 40 families in our economic development programs. You may remember women such as Pasca and Veronica. Pasca was scarred and orphaned during the civil war in the north, and now cares for seven orphans herself. And Veronica showed me how far a widow will go to provide for her children, by carrying hundreds of pounds of rocks from a quarry, for pennies a day.

Now, Pasca has a business selling produce, and Veronica runs her own pig farm, allowing them to feed and educate the children in their care.


Veronica and Pig

I’ll also be visiting Lillian, the young girl I introduced you to last summer, whose spinal injuries have left her handicapped and incontinent. Now that she’s been given the kind of bed and provisions she needs, she is sleeping in hygienic conditions and has not fallen ill with secondary infections.

We have three mission teams traveling to Uganda and Moldova as well. We’re thrilled to be taking our first team since 2011 back to Kampala where the children will also experience VBS with the team. In all, 700 beds will be provided in Uganda. And in Moldova, children will again attend summer camp while Moldovan Christian couples are trained and equipped to adopt or provide foster care to the children in their communities. And we’ll end the summer by providing 350 beds to at-risk kids back home in Tennessee.

This summer, I will be going deeper into the heart of the stories of these, and many others, who are all part of God’s greater story of love, mercy, and redemption.

I ask for your prayers for all we have to accomplish. I’ll be posting stories, photos, and updates here on the Sweet Sleep blog and through various social media outlets. I’ll also be sharing my relationships and first-hand experience on my personal blog at madelenemetcalf.com, and Facebook and Instagram as well. I invite you to follow these stories as they unfold.

As they say, we couldn’t do this without you. Nothing could be more true! On behalf of the international staff of Sweet Sleep, thank you.



Happy Lilian

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