Every Story Matters

Hayden and I shared the devotional this morning and shared a story of two men passing by two other young men who were hungry and strangers in a new town. As one man passed them, he gave them some money, but his friend got down on their level, looked into their eyes, and extended them dignity by asking their name … Read More

Uganda Distribution Day 4

Today was Distribution Day #4 and WOW, what a day! I will try to capture this special day by sharing a few highlights with you, they are as follows: The weather was beautiful Our destination was only (30) minutes away The greeting we received upon our arrival was energetic, passionate and traditional The area school children were full of smiles … Read More

Uganda Distribution Day 4

My heart was filled with various emotions because I knew it was our final day of distributing beds. However, for these 90 children in the northern most part of Uganda, it was one of the happiest days of their lives because they knew that Sweet Sleep was coming.  So I tried to imagine their emotions.  I bet their hearts were … Read More

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We got to the first distribution site today and almost first thing I see a boy that I totally recognized from last February. I kept watching him and he kept smiling and watching me. I get back to where we are staying so I can find his picture from last year on fb. Sure nuff there he is IN THE … Read More

Gulu Uganda 2013 Travel day

We have been so busy doing ministry this week in Uganda.  Here is a little recap of the first couple of days… As you read this post, we have embarked on our 12 day Mission Journey.  Fifteen of us awoke this morning in our own personal “comfort zones” in the USA.  Tomorrow we will become immersed in the country of … Read More