Last Prayer: World AIDS Day

“No one wakes up praying that God will give them the words to pray over a dying child.” – Jen Gash Jen spoke these words to me from 7700 miles away as I shared with her the story of Kevin, a 17 year old girl we had met the day before in Gulu, Uganda. Kevin was one of the children … Read More

Coming Home

Today was our second day in Uganda. Even though I have never been here before, it feels like coming home. I am completely in love with this country. Each place that we have gone, every person present is treated with the utmost respect. I had heard before I arrived that the people in Gulu were very kind and welcoming. Experiencing … Read More

Coming out of hiding…

Something we talk about through these Northern Uganda distributions are the children who come out of hiding.  It’s worth explaining what this means, and how Sweet Sleep responds. HIV/AIDS is so prevalent in Northern Uganda.  With great intention we seek out organizations who are caring for this extremely vulnerable population.  We’ve been meeting with HIV and infectious disease specialists to … Read More


Sweet friends, we are left truly speechless by your prayers, messages, and “shares” for our story about Maureen. I met with the Director this evening to receive an update. Yesterday at our beds distribution I found a ten year old girl in a pale blue dress lying listlessly at the outskirts of the crowd.  She was burning hot with fever … Read More