Humbled and Inspired

In Uganda, women have minimal rights. When a woman becomes a widow or her husband leaves her for another wife, the in-laws often take away her hut and all she possesses, claiming that it belongs to them. Women and their children are then kicked out of their living spaces; left to find jobs and fend for themselves. If their husbands … Read More

Every Story Matters

Hayden and I shared the devotional this morning and shared a story of two men passing by two other young men who were hungry and strangers in a new town. As one man passed them, he gave them some money, but his friend got down on their level, looked into their eyes, and extended them dignity by asking their name … Read More

Refuge For The Weary

Today our team traveled three hours in our bus from Gulu to Adjumani. Adjumani is an area that is home to approximately 82,000 South Sudanese refugees. Since 2013, there has been a bloody conflict between two opposing political parties. Many people think that American politics has risen to new heights of vitriol in the last few years, but nothing we … Read More