Team 1

Team 1
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Team 1 is gearing up to leave tomorrow – the day is finally here! After these past few months of preparation, I am so ready to GO. Here is a picture of Team 1 taken at our last team meeting: (front row) Colleen Long, Jordan Trent, Calle Griffith, Emily Borders, Rhonda Walsh, (back row) Missy Trent, Lisa Sykes, Brandy Ginsberg, Meredith Hupp, Chris Meece, Alexia Counce, Gloria Jones, and Jen Gash. Not pictured: Shawn Pierce, Christina Gandy, and Lois Hupp.

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    Hi gang,

    Hope you are beginning to get settled in. Trusting you will all have a very productive trip. Hard to believe we (team 2 ) will be there in 8 days to continue the work. Please keep us updated on your progress.

    Roger S.

  2. Stacy Nestle

    Hi guys you are doing a great job. My name is Stacy Nestle I live in Bend Oregon and I met a lady gosh I forgot her name, I was hoping maybe you can get her to email me, but anyways I met her a month ago at a redmond Oregon Papas pizza restraunt she was there with her sisters, and she told me all about your organization, and about your trip It’s so great to go online and see your progress. Could you maybe ask around or I’m sure you will know her she said she was going on this trip. Also I don’t know but do you ever need homes for these children I would be very interested. Thank you Stacy

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