Team 3A has landed!

So, we finally made it. We picked up Leann in Cincinnati and made our way here. In Amsterdam, we met Peter Law, an Australian, and he helped us go through the transfer desk and make sure that our luggage made it onto Moldovan Air. Peter, a pastor, missionary, and artist has been coming here to Moldova and other former soviet contries since 1985. He founded Challenge Ministries, located in Portland, OR, which does a lot including large medical missions to rural villages in Moldova. ( On this particular visit he is working with men in prison. We had the opportunity to talk with him on the flight and he told us how much things have changed since 1985 from sneaking around then, to a much more open door policy to sharing the gospel.
I will have to admit that I was scared about going through security. After I checked my passport, my heart started beating rapidly. I was sure that one of the security gaurds was going to take half of my stuff for the children. About 3 seconds later, a young man came up to me and said, “Are you Keith?” His name is Dorel, a local pastor and CERI helper. Jen had told him look for the red-headed guy. My fears were completely gone. Even more so, the black crate, that I had duct taped shut, had not even been opened for a security check. (oh, me of little faith)
We immediately headed off to the Franklin Graham Crusade, which was packed, and met some of the boys from Camp. Jen has a good story on that, and then it was off to McDonald’s for a quick snack, before the crazy round-a-bout drive back to the compound. Can’t wait to see Team3B. —Keith

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  1. Beasley

    I’m so glad to hear that you guys made it, I was praying for you to have a safe flight! How exciting to finally be there, I wish I could have stayed longer! Have fun this week!


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