Team’s Strengths Shine Brightly! To God Be The Glory :)

When you look up the word Africa in the dictionary, the first definition should be “all who come visit should be very laid back”. This is not necessarily a good definition for my personality but the Lord is teaching me this currently 🙂 With lots of prayers from many people in many countries, the Indiana team arrived this morning at 9 am! Yay! They came to meet us at the orphanage this afternoon.

Although this morning we awoke with an unsure plan and pretty much no recreation equipment or craft supplies, we had a great morning prayer time. As a team, we shared some great things we had seen the day before…the children’s love for the Lord as well as the true joy on their faces from just being around us. So we a prayed for strength and the “loaves and fish” prayer for entertainment ideas and headed out this morning.

It was SUCH a wonderful experience!! The children were so receptive to anything and everything. We told the story of Peter and walking on the water. The children of all ages are so excited to hear the Word. It is such a humbling experience to see a child with scripture burned into their heart… How they hold on to it and truly make it their life. They shared recreational games that are common to them, it was a great learning exprience. They find such entertainment in the simplest games. I LOVE it!

Tomorrow is our big day…we will have the bed distributions. The dormority rooms are approximately 20 by 25 feet and 36 children are sleeping in them sharing worn and very soiled mattresses. Tomorrow we get the unbelievable privilege of getting to give them new beds and deliver an awesome message. Sweet Sleep’s beds represent God’s love for them…as they pull up the blanket each night so are God’s arms wrapping around them. We are able to also give them a Bible which represents spiritual rest. Some of these children come from broken homes or from no parents at all….to be able to reassure them that God has not forgotten them and will always protect them is huge!

Finally, we pick our last two team members tonight at midnight. Please pray for rejuvenated spirits and lots of energy!! We can’t wait to spend time with the children 🙂 God is so good!

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