What can your money do?

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    $1 PER DAY

    Join Team 11:28 as a monthly donor. Give kids around the world a safe place to sleep all year long.

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    Mattress, Bible, & Mosquito Net in Gulu

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    Bunkbed, Bedding, Bibles & Mosquito Nets for two kids in Kamapala

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    Launch a co-op for 12 women in Uganda, giving them a sustainable income and impacting the 60 children in their care

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    Beds for an entire village in Gulu

Give by check or stock.

Sweet Sleep accepts donations of stock through TD Ameritrade in the name of Sweet Sleep Inc. Contact us to get account details. Donations must settle into our account by December 31st in order to receive a giving statement for the current tax year.


You can donate stock held in your TD Ameritrade account to Sweet Sleep, Inc. by faxing or mailing an LOI or a Partial Transfer (Outbound) Form. The stock donation should appear in Sweet Sleep’s account within 2-3 business days from the time TD Ameritrade receives your request.

Other Brokerage Accounts

Please check with your brokerage firm for the firm’s paperwork to use. In most cases there is a simple form on your brokerage website to initiate the transaction. You will need our account name: Sweet Sleep Inc; and our account number 866-651391.

Gift Receipts

Upon receipt of the stock, Sweet Sleep will issue an in-kind donation receipt to the donor. Valuation of the stock is not made or reported by Sweet Sleep.