The Chisinau Sponsor Trip Is Underway

Well, after about 20 hours of travel time, the Chisinau sponsor trip team is on the scene. We arrived tired and a little stinky, but glad to be here. Our trip was pretty uneventful. We did have a few bags that didn’t make our last flight into Chisinau, but we should have those tomorrow. The only big deal about that is that Jen only got one of her three bags, and the one she got didn’t include any of her toiletries. I guess we’ll have to loan her some stuff or else no one will want to sit next to her at church tomorrow.

We got to go to the orphanage for about 45 minutes this evening before coming back to the team house for dinner. It was wonderful to see D’Ann get to meet Petrica. He’s still the same sweet, shy boy I met in June. I saw a few other kids that I meet in June too. They were all really glad to see us, and we were really glad to see them too. Of course our time with them was too short, but we’ll have lots of good time with them this week. Tomorrow we’ll take our sponsor kids to church with us and then spend some time in the outdoor market before heading back to the orphanage for a pizza and movie party with all the kids. It should be a great first day. That’s all for now I guess, but stay tuned for more updates in the coming days.


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