The Departure … The Journey

The departure date for our team is August 12th, which is just around the corner. The energy and excitement continues to build. I find tremendous comfort and peace with the members of our team. Some have been to Moldova on past mission trips but there are several neophytes leaning on the leadership of Miller. As one of four older males (not exactly sure of the age break point for “older”), I look forward to working with the teenage boys and hopefully being able to contributing to their spiritual walk.

A neighbor called me after hearing that I was traveling to Moldova to share the message of two missionaries from Russia who spoke at his Franklin church. The prominent message was about the need for Christian outreach to the children in their country. At the service, these missionaries passed out lapel pin printed in Russian the words – “Love the Children.” The Lord is definitely at work with all aspects of Sweet Sleep and CERI.

The packing for me is the start of the journey. I anticipate the journey will forever change me and influence me on my spiritual walk … a life long journey for the glory of God. Please keep our team in your prayers and heart.

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  1. ame satterwhite

    your first attempt at this was much more sucessful than mine. what i entered just disappeared! hopefully I will learn in Moldova. thanks for handling airline seats for all of us.see you at the airport.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Daddy!! How is it there, anything like you expected? We miss you already. Tate is in Mrs.Foster’s class this year with Ben, James, and Isabella. She is so excited! Are you going to get to see Ion while you are there? ttyl Love Taylor

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