The Eagle Has Landed…

Hello everyone! It’s 9:15 pm in Balti, and we found an internet cafe!! Everything went well getting here…just a LOT of flights, but it gave us more time to get to know each other and to SLEEP! I am actually not that jet lagged because I got so much sleep on the way here. We made it here with only 2 bags missing, and those will arrive tomorrow. Customs was a breeze – thank you for your prayers on that! Moldova is beauitful. It actually reminds me a lot of middle TN with the green rolling hills. We go to our hotel in Balti last night about 8-9 pm. We ate, unloaded our 500 bags of supplies, got the supplies ready for today (more to come on that later), and FINALLY showered and went to bed. I went to bed at 12:30 am, but I can’t speak for the rest of the team. We had breakfast at 8 am this morning and then loaded the vans to head for camp. And when I say “loaded” the vans…I don’t mean with supplies. I mean with us. Oh yes, we forgot the supplies for today! I guess we were so excited about seeing these kids that we all thought someone else was getting them. Luckily Christina talked about flexibility in our morning devotion, and we had our “Flexi cookies.” It turned out fine without them, and it only gives us more fun things to do later in the week. When we pulled up to camp, the children came running up…and it all began. Lots of love! More to come later…running out of time. We’re wonderful (a little heartbroken, but ok!). Keep praying!!!

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  1. BigBob

    We were all very glad to hear of the team’s eventual and safe arrival. A couple of late bags and some temporarily forgotten supplies seem trivial when compared to the overall scope of your mission. We could find nothing on the web about the earthquake, so we are hoping it was indeed minor, and will not be reoccuring. We are checking the blog faithfully and often–keep reports coming. You are continually in our prayers.

  2. Amanda

    Glad to know you are there safe and sound- minus a few mis-haps (lost luggage and earthquakes?? my goodness!). Praise God for getting everything through customs- I saw part of the process that went into packing and I am glad to know those kids will be receiving all that you brought to them, also remembering that one of the best things you will bring to them is your love and your very presence. Let those kids know that someone cares about them- someone much bigger than any one of us!

    ~Faithfully praying for you,

  3. Galloway

    Praise God for the safe arrival! And praise Him for providing each of you with enough talent that you could survive a day without the supplies! Know that we are faithfully praying for you and praising God for your work! God bless!


    As Scott Harris is so fond of saying: “The key word in missions is FLEXIBILITY”. Glad to hear you were able to adapt so quickly and turn this into a profitable day with the kids.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Roger S.

  5. Robin A

    Thrilled to hear of your safe arrival. Wow!…r we praying like crazy…. be sure to send our love to those precious children. Press on in your service to our King!
    Robin A

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